Rachel Millsted

MBSR Teacher

Rachel has been involved in practising and educating others about the benefits of mindfulness meditation since 2011. At that time, she was stream leader for the ‘Personal and Professional Development’ stream at the Northern College of Acupuncture.  She wanted to bring something to the curriculum that would not only help the students become the best acupuncturists that they could be, but also help them manage the stress of studying alongside what they were already coping with in their busy lives.  Rachel felt the benefits of this wonderful practice and thus began a deep study of mindfulness meditation, somatic meditation and contemplative practice.

In order to teach mindfulness meditation and MBSR, Rachel has completed intensive training at the Centre for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Practising acupuncture since 2007, Rachel understands the relationship between the body and mind and how thoughts, feelings and emotions can affect the physical body and how physical ill health can affect psychological well-being.  Rachel’s interest in trauma stems from her study and practice of somatic meditation with Dharma Ocean on the teachings of Reginald Ray.  This approach emphasises working with the body to work with and heal, the trauma that is held within the body.

Before she became an acupuncturist, Rachel completed a psychology degree and worked within the NHS in the mental health sector.  She worked in the Personality Disorder unit at Ashworth Hospital as a Social therapist and for Salford Primary Care trust as a Primary Care Graduate Mental Health worker, working with adults experiencing mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

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