Managing Workplace Trauma on That’s Manchester TV with Alistair Clarke

In November our Clinical Director, Charlotte Copeland, and Dr Liz Royle, from KRTS International, joined Alistair Clarke on That’s Manchester TV to discuss workplace trauma.

Workplace trauma can range from instances of bullying or assault through to serious injury or loss of life, to large scale catastrophic events such as a major fire or terrorism.

When trauma strikes organisations will have health and safety plans in place to manage their employees physical safety; however, we find it is rare for a clear plan to be in place to manage  psychological welfare. This can be costly in a multitude of ways, for both personnel and the organisation.

Research has shown effective trauma management begins the moment an incident occurs and requires far more than simply placing a counsellor on site or providing telephone support. Robust strategic planning and training can ensure processes are followed from the outset, and help an organisation better manage the impact traumatic circumstances have.

We discuss how this, and more, can benefit a business and their employees, when it comes to managing workplace trauma.




Charlotte Copeland